On December 10th, Overall Services will be hosting a fundraiser to benefit Palm to Paws animal rescue. There will be both a crafts fair and an OrGano Gold Coffee taste-testing.

Palm to Paws rescue started in Rio Rancho as Silver’s Stables, LLC. The owner, JK Perkins, started rescuing animals when she was three. Her grandfather would bring home baby bunnies, and that was that. Palm to Paws specializes in severe cases and tries to be a “forever” home for them. The animals range from farm animals such as horses, goats, and alpacas to exotics such as parrots and tortoises, to domesticated animals like cats and dogs.

This is the first year Palm to Paws has ever had to fundraise. The rising price of hay has led to this. In some places, 2-sting bales of alfalfa have become $22, and since the horses alone go through 2 2-strings a day, the food bill has skyrocketed.

Wayne Overall met JK Perkins during a networking luncheon and they became friends. He was delighted when asked to host one of the three Help Save the Animals! fundraisers, especially when asked if some of the animals could be brought to the shop.

For more information about the fundraiser, please contact Linda Thomas at (505)-463-2647. For more information about Palm to Paws animal rescue, please feel free to visit their blog:

Palm to Paws Blog